What Makes Us Unique

The American University of Iraq - Baghdad is a non-profit University. Our unique campus is based in the Al Faw palace - (also known as the Water Palace) - located approximately 5 kilometers from the Baghdad International Airport. A city within a city, AUIB will provide a unique and comprehensive experience to students and staff, not only in education but also campus living. We are proud to have this amazing location that will provide a wide range of facilities and services that cater to the university community as a whole. Our self-contained campus will not only provide academic buildings but will have a state-of-the-art sports complex, men’s and women’s dormitories, faculty housing, restaurants and cafes, and banking, travel, medical and postal services.


The English Language Academy (ELA) will be the premier English language school in Iraq and will be staffed by a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced native-speaking teachers from all over the world. Using a direct and interactive communicative technique will not only allow students to speak English but will prepare them to enter into the academic world. The ELA will be based in a completely renovated building directly across the lake from the Al Faw Palace and will host state-of-the-art classrooms. As an integral part of the University, students will have access to all facilities with the support and guidance from our faculty and staff.

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AUIB is a Non-Profit University

There are only three not-for-profit universities in all of Iraq and the American University of Iraq-Baghdad is one of them. All other universities in Iraq are either fully supported by the government or are for-profit. At AUIB all tuition revenues are put back into the programs and services of the university just like at many of the greatest American universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford. Not-for-profit universities like AUIB survive on tuition; however, they thrive through donations from generous donors and government grants. AUIB will build an endowment that provides the financial capital to build and grow while keeping tuition at an affordable price.

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College of Arts & Science, College of Business, College of Global Affairs & Public Policy and College of Health Sciences.

January 2020